“it” or ?

Part One – “it”

On my way to an appointment the other day, I heard a news story about there being a surplus of ammunition and guns. The manufacturers had geared up to meet demand, but after President Trump was elected – the demand dried up immediately. But before the election people had been stockpiling in preparation for Hillary Clinton to become president.

So that let me know that I was not the only person who had felt “it.”

“it” What is “it”?

“it” was the constant dread from fear that something “bad” was on the horizon…something looming that no one could properly prepare for that didn’t have a lot of wealth to pay for – as in bunkers to hide in while the chaos reigns outside.

“it” was the fear of starving to death while what turned out to be the meager preparations we may have made gets taken from us by marauders, bandits, and worse.

“it” was the dread of worrying about healthcare and the high cost of medications.  You could see the writing on the wall with going to a single-payer system (universal healthcare). Just since 2008-2009 medications that were once $10 are now $250 (called “rescue inhalers” because they rescue you from respiratory failure) to help you breathe, why? Because when people run out of money to pay for something to help them breathe – they die and are no longer draining the system of precious resources to help line some politician’s pockets. Don’t believe me? Think about it.

I read a New York Times’ article about a little boy in California whose mother discovered this massive cost increase for the breathing medications. New York Times looked into it and sure enough it wasn’t just that one. No – it turns out that most of the breathing medications were sky high. Then they discovered the big Pharmaceutical company had bought out the generic manufacturer by agreeing to pay them the same amount of money they’d make from the generics, but they wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of making them! Helluva deal, for the maker of generics – but then when you’re the patient who needs that rescue inhaler and has to quit soccer today, then do without food tomorrow – just so he can breathe??? Well, is that okay?

But I digress trying to make a point – even though I have given it a ton of thought.

You see on these days of dread, your thoughts go to being concerned about “what can I do to prepare for “it”? And when you have the helpless feeling of hopelessness, well then…just what does the responsible person do?





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