“it” or ? (Part 2)

Part Two – Hope

When you are almost consumed with dread about something unknown, and the depth of hopelessness begins to engulf you – you try to stave off the utter pit of despair and then suddenly…

…you hear someone on television talking about hope.

Someone, who can bring jobs back to our shores, so people who haven’t been able to work, have opportunities to work.

Someone, who is talking about turning the economy around.  So we can afford to live a good life again.

Someone, who is talking about lowering and/or restructuring taxes.

Someone, who is talking about doing away with this “single-payer” healthcare system!

Someone, who can get Common Core off the mandatory curriculum of our kids’ schools – by getting the federal government the hell out of our kids’ schools!  They’ve been on a collision course with Madrassas of indoctrination far too long.

Someone, who can bring back our energy independence and quit giving everything over to the “environmentalists”!  Ever wonder why our previous president was taking over so much “federal” land?

Ever hear of socialism?  The government usurps/owns EVERYTHING, we’re just allowed to live here!

Someone, who can rebuild our military.

Someone, who can protect us from the terrorists – and who isn’t afraid to CALL them exactly what they are – TERRORISTS!

Someone, who will close our borders to people wanting to come here to do US harm.  Unfortunately the bad people make it hard on the good people that were making it across too.  But that is life itself – “those few” making it “harder for all” of us.

Someone, who will undo much of the damage that has been done internally to our Country’s governmental structure over the past 8 years that has been strangling our capitalist society.

Yes someone, who is talking about giving us back the lifestyle we once knew.


“Freedom” to talk about what we want without fear of being yelled at for voicing our “opinion.”


“Freedom” to go to work at the job of our choice.


“Freedom” to live the good life we have worked SO hard to enjoy.


“Freedom” to enjoy a healthy life by paying for the health insurance to pay for our healthcare including reasonably priced medications.  So we can go and watch our grandkids play soccer.


“Freedom” to know that our children will get a good education and not be indoctrinated into something we are not aware of as we work to make an honest living for our family.


“Freedom” to enjoy life free from the fear of being a victim of a crime, or terror, or war.


“Freedom” to be PROUD and salute a Country that so many of our men and women have been willing to or have sacrificed their life or limb to secure our Country for US!


And most importantly “Freedom” to worship WHO we want, when we want – without fear of repercussion – it’s our inalienable right after all, but just 6 short months ago – it was feeling like we HAD to HIDE!


God Bless Donald J. Trump.  And God Bless America!





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