ABJECT FAILURE: An existing Democrat Single-Payer System Plagued by Corruption

The Democrats cry out that anything short of a single-payer system for US will “cause people to die!”  California wants it and was ready to vote to make it their law of the land until someone figured out it would cost them $400,000,000,000 each and every year.  $200,000,000,000 more than their entire budget.

Has everyone forgotten that we’ve already SEEN the Democrat’s corrupt Single Payer system in action?

In THEIR model – deaths were not hyperbole – there were actual deaths of our precious VETERANS.


But wait – didn’t they fix the problem?  Oh yeah, here’s how successful their plan was NOT after two (2) years of “reform”:


Who cares they did NOT reform?!  They want their bonuses!  And so bonuses they shall get…



Here’s what we have to look forward to if we bow to the Democrats’ Single Payer System*:


  1. Patient wait times.    Routinely cancelled patient appointments that are later blamed on the patients for cancelling.
  2. In Jackson, Miss  “numerous instances where employees reported unlawful prescriptions, delayed care, medical negligence and other issues, yet the complaints were simply cast aside after they were confirmed.”
  3. “Employees filed complaints about unsterile equipment, flawed chemotherapy drugs and other issues. In an attempt to work around staffing shortages, the letters says, patients were assigned to appointments in “ghost clinics” that had no doctors, so no appointments was possible”
  4. “Fort Collins, Colo., whistle-blowers raised a red flag last year about bogus scheduling methods and prolonged delays in care similar to those in Phoenix. The letter says staffers were directed to falsify wait times and those who did not comply “were put on a ‘bad boy’ list” and transferred to Wyoming.”
  5. A mental health facility in Brockton, Mass., one patient went eight years without a psychiatric evaluation and another went seven years without a single note in his chart. Nevertheless, the Office of Medical Inspector declared the negligence “harmless.” The OSC letter says such findings are “a serious disservice to the veterans.”
  6. Whistle-blowers at other facilities exposed a pulmonologist who falsified records on more than 1,200 patients, the contamination of drinking water with Legionella bacteria, and unsanitary practices with surgical instruments — all confirmed and ignored.
  7. Dr. Thomas Lynch, VA assistant deputy under secretary for health for clinical operation, acknowledged VA data provided in the past “was not honest,” and the agency plans to hire an independent third-party consultant to verify that records are accurate.


Here’s an honest assessment from Congressman Coffman:

Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colo., asked Lynch why he continued to defend the system and why VA executives did not listen to whistle-blowers, including those at the Phoenix VA. He also ripped the VA for handing out large bonuses to executives at hospitals that were found to have manipulated records.

“I’m stunned with all the information that has come out that you would call this a good system,” Coffman said. “I think the … (VA) is the most mismanaged agency in the federal government. It has not been there to serve those who serve our country. The leadership has been there to serve itself … The only thing you are effective at is writing checks to one another.”


So, if Democrats won’t take care of our precious Veterans, how in the hell can we expect them to take care of US?




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